AMP Stories and Stories Marketing FREE Course

Learn about the fastest growing format of all time, Stories and AMP Stories. Maximize a completely new channel that converts customers, drives engagement, and increases sales for your business. Taught by Ztorie’s Vlad Barshai and the legendary content creator Kim Doyal, we’re excited to teach you all about the world of Stories.


Go to a Completely Brand New Channel. Why waste energy on something that is saturated?

Competition might have more budget than you, but you have a smarter insight to a lower cost of acquisition. We know that the Feed is expensive, CPC on Google is costly, and PLA is too costly for brands to make it work. We know that what works are channels that are not saturated yet, that’s why AMP Stories is the perfect opportunity for you.


A New Way to Monetize and be Top of Search

AMP Stories have fundamentally changed the way we need to think about content. Stories are engaging, immersive, and have a higher finish rate than any website. You’ll learn how to monetize this new engaging format and give you ideas for how to create engaging and highly converting stories for your audience.


Everything You Need to Create Stories Marketing Campaigns

Learn how to make perfect stories campaigns that yield new customers and help you generate revenue. Create interactive flows that are perfect for capturing leads, making sales, and

We Guarantee That You’ll Love Learning About This Huge Opportunity

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How to Acquire & Grow with Stories

Understand how you’ll be able to acquire new customer with this new opportunity in search.

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How to Monetize Stories

Start monetizing your stories by adding publisher ads. Get the most out of your stories and this new engaging format.

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How to Create Stories Funnels

Create funnels for a lifetime of leads. Update your funnel anytime to increase your conversions.


Stay Ahead of Your Competition

AMP Stories provide a whole new way for your business to stay ahead of your competitors. Leverage the most interactive way to create memorable funnels that are perfect for finding new customers and converting them.

In This Course, You’ll Learn

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What are AMP Stories

Understand how you’ll be able to acquire new customer with this new opportunity in search.

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AMP Stories SEO

Learn about the meta tags that Google requires to be compliant and searchable.

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Stories Funnels

Create the perfect funnels to generate more revenue and capture more leads.

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Recipes for Engaging Stories

Get over 1000+ free templates and recipes for the perfect converting Stories.

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Where to Share Stories

Add Stories to your site by embedding or creating a new post, or share on social.

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Use Stories for Any Business

Learn how to use Stories within any business.

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Make AMP Stories your Competitive Advantage

  1. What is Stories Marketing?
  2. Google AMP Stories
  3. Why Stories Marketing?
  4. AMP Stories vs. Website
  5. Next Steps
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Best Practices for Creating AMP Stories

  1. Complete Ztorie walk-through
  2. Create engaging Stories
  3. AMP Stories SEO
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Best Practices for AMP Stories Marketing

  1. Increased Engagement
  2. Social Stories to AMP Stories
  3. Embed Stories to Your Website
  4. Share Stories on Social
  5. Adding Stories to Your Website
  6. Download AMP Stories to Share
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AMP Stories for Acquisition

  1. AMP Stories for Acquisition
  2. Acquiring customers from Social Stories
  3. Acquiring customers from Social Feed
  4. Customer acquisition from your Website

Who is this Course For?

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Brands & Businesses

With a higher engagement and finish rate than any other format on the market, start leveraging Stories in your daily activities to take advantage of search and set yourself up for success.

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We offer you all the tools you need to impress your customers and get started with Stories. We also offer templates, ideas, and can help you create Stories funnels for all the occasions in the year.

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We’ll show you how to leverage your social presence to start monetizing from stories by directing traffic into an engaging story rather than a website URL.

An Untapped Channel at a Cheaper Cost of Acquisition

Stories marketing is completely brand new. We’re here to help you leverage this new format and marketing path to start generating more leads and sales at a cheaper cost than ever before. It’s harder than ever to capture audience on every channel and screen, but Stories makes it easier.

Make Creativity Awesome

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